Beware of Bogus Window Cleaner

Police warn of chamois sham

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Parsons Green and Walham Safer Neighbourhoods Team is warning the community about a man who has stolen items from a local home after posing as a window cleaner.

The Team's Sergeant Mick MacDonald describes an incident which happened on Wednesday: " A white man, possibly with a Liverpool accent, described as being aged 23-26 years old, 6ft tall and of slim build wearing a grey sweatshirt, cargo trousers and grey flat cap approached the victim in her street.

" He was on a bicycle and stated that he was a window cleaner. He asked her if she would like her windows cleaned. The price quoted was £70 for all windows inside and out. The lady was on her way to drop her child to nursery but agreed for the suspect to call round to her house later that day to clean her windows.

" The male attended at the agreed time complete with a bucket and leather and was very chatty. He even sat and had a cup of tea with our victim before starting work. He was then granted unaccompanied access to the upstairs of the house, where he cleaned a couple of windows before saying that he was going off to get a scraper and would return shortly to finish the rest of the windows. Needless to say the man didn't return and when the victim checked her bedroom she found two very expensive watches had been stolen.

" I'm sure many of you are reading this and thinking that you would never let such a thing happen to you, but I'm sure if I had asked the victim the same question a few days ago she would have said the same.

" The point here is that this person must have appeared very credible at the time and as a result has now had a very profitable outcome. We strongly advise that you only employ people who have come recommended by friends, family or neighbours that you feel comfortable about or that you have actively sought out yourself through a trade directory or similar.

" Finally, if you happen to be approached by a person matching this suspect's description, please try to make a note of what he is wearing, the type and description of the bike (if he has one at the time) and after politely declining his offer of services, call 999 as soon as he is out of sight. If possible tell the operator at the time in what direction he has gone and that he may be a suspect for a theft in Bowerdean Street on June 10. "

June 12, 2009