Suspected Car Thief Plunges onto Balcony after Roof Chase

Man found by police in Crookham Road after crying out in pain

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A rooftop police chase in Fulham's Crookham Road ended with a suspected car thief plunging onto a balcony below in the evening of Thursday January 15.

The 38 year-old man was hiding from police after running across rooftops in the street, south of Fulham Road, opposite the busy Brown Cow pub.

Rupert Richmond-Dodd, who took these dramatic pictures of the event tweeted around 10pm:
" Something big when down in Parsons Green tonight opposite The Brown Cow, 2 ambulances, 2 fire engines, 3 police cars!"

He added: " I was walking to a pub, undercover police hiding in the road opposite. Then all hell broke loose."


After falling from the roof, the man reportedly hid on a second-floor balcony for around 30 minutes as police flooded the road.

He was eventually located after crying out in pain and was taken to hospital suffering from back and pelvis injuries before being arrested on suspicion of car theft.

A policewoman spokeswoman said: " The injured man has been arrested in connection with theft of motor vehicle. Enquiries continue."


January 16, 2015