Police Alert - Beware of Bogus Builders

Can you report the number of the suspicious white van ?

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Parsons Green and Walham Safer Neighbourhoods Team are warning the public to beware of bogus builders in a white can who have been spotted in the streets of Fulham.

The SNT's Police Sergeant Mick MacDonald says: " Over the past two or three days we have been receiving information about a white Ford Transit van with ladders on the top driving around the area suspiciously.

" We have received further information that such a vehicle was involved in what was undoubtedly going to be criminal activity. Two men called at the address of an elderly lady in Foskett Road and told her that her roof was in urgent need of repair.

" While they were setting their ladder up against the side of her house, the lady called her friend who lives nearby and asked him for advice. Luckily he went straight round and found that one of the men was already on the roof and the other was inside the house talking to the lady. As soon as they saw him arrive they made their excuses and left in a white Ford Transit van, with ladders.

" Fortunately, on this occasion they didn't get as far as committing any offences. However this is classic behaviour from criminals who prey on elderly or vulnerable people. The roof did not need any repairs but they would have no doubt presented her with a massive bill and many people do actually pay.

" If this wasn't their main motive, they had access to the house and one of them could have distracted the lady while the other searched for valuables. It's a despicable crime and one that is on the increase on this borough. "

Mick says that so far, there haven't been any actual crimes of this type reported in the Parsons Green and Walham area. " We would like to keep it that way," he says. " Please consider any elderly or vulnerable neighbours who might fall prey to this crime. They may benefit from a crime prevention visit from us, so please feel free to give them our number.

" I would also ask you to be on the lookout for any suspicious characters in your area. On this occasion both of the men involved were white and aged between 20 and 30 years, but they do tend to swap areas with each other and there may be a different set of occupants in the van next time.

" What we don't yet have is a registration number for this van but it has been reported to us on three separate occasions now, so we would be very keen to have the number.

" If you do see this van please contact the police on 0300 123 1212. This is the 24 hour non-emergency contact number and is the most suitable for reporting this kind of behaviour. Obviously, if you see a crime being committed there and then you should still call 999."

October 26, 2009




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