How Safe is Your Fridge this Summer?

Find out and you could win a Marks and Spencer voucher

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Stay safe with food this summer.

That's the message from Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which is pointing out that the warm weather can help bacteria to grow and multiply, leading to possible food poisoning and illnesses.

Pregnant women, the elderly and young children are particularly susceptible, but carrying out simple things like washing your hands before and after preparing food or going to the toilet can cut the risk of getting ill.

The council offer these safety tips:

Make sure your fridge is operating at 5C or below, and that your freezer is at -18 C or below.

Ensure food is thoroughly cooked, that you store raw meat and fish at the bottom of the fridge and do not allow pets on kitchen work surfaces.

You can win a £50 Marks & Spencer voucher by answering this question correctly. At what temperature should your fridge operate?’

You can email your answer, along with your name, address and telephone number, to or write the answer on the back of a postcard, along with your name, address and telephone number, and send it to: Stephanie Needham, Food Safety Team, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, 5th floor, Town Hall Extension, King Street, London W6 9JU.

Closing date for entries is August 15 2009.