Buy a Christmas Product in Cook and Feed a Child in Poverty

Fulham store teams up with global initiative One Feeds Two

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Visit food store Cook at 847 Fulham Road and buy a Christmas product carrying the One Feeds Two logo and you will also buy a school meal for a child living in poverty.

One Feeds Two is a global initiative challenging businesses and suppliers to offer "buy one give one" deals to help children living in some of the poorest countries in the world. The nutritious school meals help these children attend school and gain an education rather than working or scavenging for food.

Cook, which sells frozen ready meals, is the first national company to offer One Feeds Two on select products in this year's Christmas range.

It's hoped that across its 70 stores, including the branch in Fulham, Cook and its customers will provide up to 200,000 school meals. Other stores and restaurants are now being asked to support the movement and start making an instant impact on child hunger.

Sir Richard Branson has praised the scheme, saying: " The simple idea that every time you sell a food product or meal you can give a school meal to a child living in poverty is a great example of using business for good. What better way to tackle one of the world’s biggest problems than by uniting an industry around a common purpose that will help to make a difference to children’s lives."

One Feeds Two founder JP Campbell, who quit his job as a lawyer to start the project says:
" Believing that business can be a real force for good, I want to create a lasting positive change in the industry. We have set up the One Feeds Two Foundation to make it really simple and easy for every food company, big or small, to adopt One Feeds Two. It’s all about providing school meals to the world’s poorest children to allow them to access education.”

October 24, 2014