Do You Know a Shining Star ?

Journey of a lifetime for young prizewinners

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Nominate a young person aged 16 - 19 as a Shining Star before the deadline of midnight on Sunday, June 7 - and they could be among ten teenagers going on the trip of a lifetime to work on a community project in the jungles of Malaysia.

Fulham NDC is inviting people to nominate youngsters who are making a positive contribution to our community in Fulham.

Young people who feel they fit the bill are also encouraged to nominate themselves.

Nominations will be judged by a small panel of young people and representatives from Fulham NDC, and ten winners will be selected to travel to South East Asia to work on a community project.

To be eligible to become a Shining Star, young nominees must be:

• aged between 16 and 19 years old on or before Thursday June 11, 2009; and possess a valid UK passport on or before Thursday June 11 2009

• have fulfilled one or more of the following criteria:

Shown a lasting commitment to a positive activity - this could be focusing on their school work or dedicating time to an interest such as playing an instrument or sport

Made a positive difference to life in their local community - this may be volunteering at their local church or helping out at a local event

Gone out of their way to help others - this could be looking after someone who is unwell or helping an older person with weekly chores.

To nominate a Young Shining Star or to put yourself up for nomination simply complete and submit the simple online nomination form to be found on Fulham NDC's website.

Shortlisted Shining Stars will be invited to a short informal interview, and the final winners will then be invited on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sabah, in Malaysia, South East Asia, deep in the jungles of Borneo to work on a community project.

The winners will work for three weeks with indigenous people on a much needed community project, such as water purification or helping to build a school. Any young Shining Stars who have been selected for the trip, but are unable to go, plus the first three runners up, will be rewarded for their hard work with an unforgettable Virgin Experience Day, chosen from a special menu of memorable activities.

To find out more about Shining Stars, contact the NDC on 020 7471 0340 or 07795 127 359. Alternatively email

4th June 2009