Who was Ruffling Feathers at St John's Church?

We unmask the pigeon protester!

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St John's Church

Pigeon Protest at St John's Church Aims to Cause a Flap


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Startled shoppers in North End Road came face to face with a huge human sized pigeon last week as a demonstration was held to discourage a handful of local people who persist in feeding the birds in the grounds of St John's Church.

The giant furry bird caused a flap amongst passers by and children from the Peques Nursery, who joined in the protest with placards conveying their message.

A witness said: " The pigeon was brilliant and drew quite a crowd. Everyone was laughing - but I think they could see the point."

The grounds, which are owned by St John's Church but maintained by the council, are a popular place for residents to relax, especially since the installation of new circular seating. But the mess led behind by pigeons costs thousands of pounds a year to clean up.

The church's Father Mark Osborne welcomed the protest as a fun way of attracting people's attention to the problem. " We want the grounds to be a safe place for children and their families to congregate," he said. " But the birds make a huge mess on the newly-paved York stone, and when it rains it becomes dangerously slippery for everyone."

But while the event proved a big success, one question remained unanswered: who was underneath the beak and feathers? We can reveal the heroine of the day was Jenny Locke-Tozer, who helps out at St John's Church and volunteered to take on the role.

Jenny says: " It was great fun, and the children loved it. The costume was heavy and it was really hot in there, but it was worth it to get the message across."


September 25, 2009

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