Pigeon Protest Aims to Cause a Flap

Demonstration to discourage feeding the birds

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St John's Church



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A life-sized pigeon, accompanied by local children and residents aims to ruffle feathers in the grounds of St John's Church next Thursday, September 17.

A demonstration has been organised to discourage a handful of people from feeding pigeons, who regularly leave their mark in the church grounds and cost the council huge amounts of money to clean up.

The grounds of St John's belong to the church and are maintained by the council.

The demonstration will include pupils from the Peques Nursery which is located upstairs at St John's Church, armed with Don't Feed the pigeon placards.

The council has long tried to rid the church grounds of pigeons and has in the past even used a hawk called Maverick to scare them off. But the birds keep returning and now that the church has a brand new seating area, another attempt is being made to keep them away.

Father Mark Osborne of St John's Church, says: “There are lots of places in Fulham where pigeons can be fed but the grounds of the church is not one of them.

" We want the grounds to be a safe place for children and their families to congregate but the birds make a huge mess on the newly paved york stone and when it rains it becomes dangerously slippery for everyone.”

The pigeon protests will take place at 10.30am and 3.30pm on Thursday, September 17.




September 11, 2009

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