Chelsea FC Victory Parade is On for Monday May 25

After win against Crystal Palace means local team win Premier League

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Chelsea's Victory Parade on the streets of Fulham is on for Monday, May 25 after their 1-0 win against Crystal Palace on Sunday May 3 guaranteed their place at the top of the Premier League.

Residents of the area around Stamford Bridge had already been given advance notice that the parade would happen if Chelsea became the champions.

A letter to residents from Nigel Pallace, Executive Director,
Transport and Technical Services said:" I am writing to give you early notice of a Victory Parade that will take place in Fulham if Chelsea Football Club wins the Premier League.

" I know many residents have said after previous parades that they would have appreciated more advance warning from the council. I hope you find this letter helpful.

" If Chelsea win, a Victory Parade will take place on Monday May 25. This would be wholly funded by the football club, as would the clean-up operation.

" The parade would start around 12pm and should finish around 1pm.

" The team’s buses would depart from Stamford Bridge’s west entrance before travelling east along Fulham Road and turning right onto Hortensia Road, and then right onto Kings Road and onto New Kings Road.

"There would be a short stop at Eel Brook Common, where the procession would end. The buses would then leave the parade route via Parsons Green.

" For public safety reasons, some roads would be closed and access to other roads restricted from around 7.30am on 25 May until the crowds dispersed. The aim would be to get roads open again between 4.30 and 5.30pm." 

A map available on this link shows the parade route and timings.

The council said should Chelsea win, all this information would be available on its website and a residents’ hotline would be opened nearer the time.

Nigel Pallace added: " Following feedback from residents, I am glad to say the club would employ the services of qualified and professional crowd-management stewards with experience in events of this nature. They would be fully briefed on the needs and requirements of the local community.

" If you have any questions at this stage, I would invite you to contact Chelsea FC’s event organisers at"

May 3, 2015