Adam Sandler Makes Secret Visit to Craven Cottage

Hollywood star praises football fans' singing!

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Hollywood star Adam Sandler has become a dedicated football fan after making a secret visit to Craven Cottage.

" My friend opened the newspaper and saw an ad for the game," Adam told a local London radio interviewer." He said. 'Do you want to go to a soccer game?' I said, ' That's a great idea, I've never been to one'.

" So we all went there and they were really nice, we were at Fulham versus Chelsea and it was at an old-style venue. We sat in the Chelsea section and the tunes were rocking!

"I couldn't believe how great everyone was singing, on key. It was rough men singing gently."

Adam says he is surprised no one noticed him in the crowd." Not a soul saw me, although I stood out a bit. I was the only one not singing and the only one wearing a baseball hat. There wasn't a single baseball hat in the crowd."

Now the actor, visiting London to promote his latest film Funny People, says he wants to return.

" It was an excellent experience," he says. " I want to learn more and more. I kept asking questions, ' How many teams are in the League?', 'How many games?', until I was told to shut up!!"

August 28, 2009