Fulham Store Protest Stops the Traffic

Rishi's tongue in cheek window sign draws cheers from passers by

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It's the sign in the window that has set Fulham talking  ... and laughing.

Rishi Subeathar, who runs well known specialist decorating store Ray Munn, was so annoyed by the onging scandal over MPs' expenses, he decided to make his voice heard by putting this tongue in cheek sign in his shop window.

" I was going to have a small sign printed," says Rishi, " then I decided 'If I have one printed I might as well go the whole hog and make sure everyone sees it'. "

Since then, he says, the sign has drawn an amazing response. " I've had passers by cheering and waving, and as we are on the corner of Fulham Road and Munster Road, I've seen cars

stop outside and the drivers point at it and laugh. The drivers behind are sometimes annoyed until they see what the bloke in front was looking at. "

Adds Rishi, who is among 50 Fulham Road traders taking part in the I Love Fulham campaign launching this weekend: " I even had one chap ring me on his mobile from the top of a bus to say, ' I just saw your sign - good on you mate!'

"The only dissenter was one man who came in and complained I was accusing all MPs of being on the fiddle. I said to him: 'I hope you make the same protest about shopkeepers who are obviously accusing all children of being dishonest'. He had to admit I had a good point!"

May 29, 2009