Boris Backs Calls for new Fulham bus route

Bus would run south to Wandsworth and Tooting

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Boris Johnson has backed a campaign by local people asking for a new bus route running across the river from Fulham.

The Mayor has asked Transport for London to look into the feasibility of a bus route between Fulham, Wandsworth and Tooting.

Residents and politicians south of the river campaigned for the "Bus over the bridge" throughout last year, with a 2,000 people signing a petition and hundreds attending a public meeting.

They argued the bus was needed to access health and

leisure facilities, and claimed Fulham residents wanted easy access to Wandsworth and Tooting as well.

The new route would go from Fulham straight down Trinity Road to Tooting. At the moment, passengers trying to go between the town centres have to take at least two different bus services.

April 30, 2009