Celebrate St George's Day in Style

Best of British food and drink at free event

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Developer St George and pub operator Young's have teamed up to celebrate St George's Day in style.

Together they are inviting local people of all ages to join in a special event at Imperial Wharf on Saturday April 25 and Sunday April 26.

Visitors to the riverside development will have the chance

to sample the best of British food, wine and beer, as well as coming face to face with some of Young's iconic dray horses.

Dray horses were used to deliver Young’s beer for over 400 years before being replaced by diesel-powered lorries in 1997, and two authentic drays will be making special visits to Imperial Wharf at 12 noon.

The family friendly party at the Wharf, on Townmead Road is part of a four day celebration beginning on St George's Day itself, April 23, and visiting different St George developments around London. Others include Battersea Reach on the south side of Wandsworth Bridge and St George Wharf in Vauxhall.

Tony Carey, Managing Director of St George says: “We look forward to celebrating St George’s Day at our developments and I hope many local residents will be able to join in.

" This will be an exciting community event and will give people the opportunity to enjoy traditional British food and drink, together with entertainment for their friends and families.”

Visitors to the events will also be able to enjoy an exclusive weekend dining menu at Young’s restaurants, with a choice of traditional British dishes.

April 15, 2009