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The Spring Festival at Fulham Libary in May will include visits from two well known writers, who will be passing on tips to other budding authors and answering questions from readers.

Jean Fullerton, whose historical romance No Cure for Love won the 2006 Harry Bowling Prize, will be at the library on May 14.

Jean says she started writing later in life: " But you know what they say – if you never pick up a paintbrush, how do you know you can’t paint?

“Researching books is something I love as much as the actual writing, and I just thought I’d give it a go," she says. " I actually trained as a district nurse, but I sketched out an idea on a sheet of A4, got out the laptop and started. Before long I’d written 90,000 words.”

Jean, 54, is dyslexic but that hasn't stopped her writing three successful books, which she describes as historical romances “with a fair dollop of adventure”.

And to inspire others to follow her example, she has promised to turn up to Fulham Library with her folder full of rejection letters!

Also appearing at Fulham Library are Robert Ryan, author of Death on the Ice, a novel based on Scott’s fateful polar expedition in 1912 and Nick Drake, a screenwriter who worked on Sliding Doors and Iris, among other films.

At Hammersmith Library, the Spring Festival includes visiting authors Matt Lynn, who specialises in military thrillers and Margaret Leroy, who specialises in writing about relationships and female sexuality.

Debby Wale, Hammersmith & Fulham’s reader development librarian, who is co-ordinating the Spring Festival, says: “Authors often make good speakers, and there was a lot of interest in the process of writing when we did a festival in October.”

Debby adds that last year’s event appealed to many readers’ groups as well as budding writers, with up to 50 people attending each session.

Entry is by ticket, and these are available from the libraries or by emailing debby.wale@lbhf.gov.uk.

Here is the full schedule:

Robert Ryan, Fulham Library, May 7, 7.30pm
Jean Fullerton, Fulham Library, May 14, 7.30pm
Margaret Leroy, Hammersmith Library, May 20, 7.30pm
Matt Lynn, Hammersmith Library, May 21, 7.30pm
Nick Drake, Fulham Library, May 27, 7.30pm

April 20, 2009