Crime Figures Fall Again

Officially safer to live or work in the borough

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Violent crime in Hammersmith and Fulham has fallen dramatically in the past year, according to the latest Police figures.

In particular, gun crime has been cut in half, with 34 fewer offences compared to last year, and knife crime has gone down by over a quarter, with 95 fewer offences. Youth violence has tumbled 15 per cent, with 71 few offences.

Residential burglaries were down by 229 and car crimes went down by almost 700 from 3,455 to 2,776. Drug arrests meanwhile were up, with 123 more users and dealers taken off the streets.

Year-on-year falls in robbery, burglary and theft from motor vehicles mean it is officially safer to live or work in the borough.

Police Borough Commander Kevin Hurley says: " What is particularly good news is that violent crime involving youths, guns and knives are down. The reality is that this borough is now a much safer place than a few years ago. "

April 28, 2009