Fulham's Worst Neighbour

Asbo for woman who made people's lives unbearable

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A woman who subjected her neighbour to years of abuse has been given a three-year asbo and a fine.

And, best news of all for those within hearing distance, her stereo equipment and TV have been seized and destroyed.

Debbie Syrett of Cedarne Road in Fulham has been driving her neighbours round the bend with constant shouting, ear-splitting music and television since 2002.

But in October 2007, Syrett stepped up the noise levels and complaints from residents became more frequent, leading to the unemployed 42-year-old first having her stereo and TV taken away that December.

She was fined in March last year but after breaching a noise abatement notice in the summer, had more equipment, including a set of speakers seized by the council.

Last month at West London Magistrates Court, Syrett pleaded guilty to the offences but contested the asbo and forfeiture of her stereo and television equipment.

Deputy District Judge Pilling told her: “You didn’t just make the complainants’ lives unpleasant,
you made them unbearable. If I returned this equipment to you, it would be like putting
temptation in front of you.”

Syrett was ordered to pay a £185 fine plus £200 costs, the equipment was ordered to be destroyed and an asbo was granted until January 2012. This means that if she breaches the terms of her asbo by making more noise, she could be arrested, fined a maximum of £5,000 and sent to jail for up to six months.

Cabinet member for crime and street scene, Councillor Greg Smith, said: “It is obvious that
Syrett could not care less about her neighbours or the distress her antics caused them. This
kind of behaviour is completely unnecessary and unacceptable, and we will not tolerate it in
Hammersmith & Fulham.”

22nd April 2009